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VICE: Did you hear they're making a sequel to Zoolander?

Randy Bowden: Yeah, I actually saw the little Valentino stunt [laughs].

Did you enjoy the first one?
Yeah. It's, like, amazing. I was waiting to see if the sequel was gonna come.

As a kid did it inspire you to become a model?
Yeah. I appreciate it more now than when I watched it as a kid. Like, retrospectively. I really appreciate the look and overall aesthetic of what they were wearing.

How do you feel it portrays male models? Is it realistic?
Male models... we are what we are. I think they pretty much got it. Some models are like that. I'm not your typical model like that, but yeah.

What's the most Zoolander-esque thing you've seen while modeling?
I had a show last season that was like... I can't say the designer's name, but there was just so much going on with what we were wearing, some of the models didn't know what was going on.

Have you ever participated in a walk-off?
Yeah, all the time. It's like, you and your model friends will try to do all those little crazy model moves. It's one of those things that just happens between shots, people will just start walk-offs.

Is there more to life than being really, really ridiculously good-looking?


The Evolution of Black Masculinity Through Fashion


1) With graduating with a bachelors degree in science in fashion merchandising have you ever thought about just focusing more on the business side, being in the background as apposed to modeling? 

Of course, I moved to New York City to pursue the public relations, business side of the industry. With the education background, I thought I would be completely competitive to hit the ground running in fashion PR. 

2) I took a look at your Instagram page and couldn’t help but notice your love for your family, how does it feel to have your family support you throughout all of your endeavors? 

I am absolutely obsessed with my family. They are my foundation in my climb for success. Everything I’ve done from wanting to be a musician to currently climbing as an industry influencer, they’ve all supported every single aspect. I am completely elated to have them in my corner because a lot of my peers don’t have that support system. 

3) where do you plan to take your brand I. 2016, you’ve done it all, so where do you plan to take it next? 

 I am trusting the process of believing in what I’ve done and what I know I can accomplish. With Gods help, I want my brand to become a platform for social justice with fashion and social influence. Along with eventually wanting my own fashion public relations agency to help emerging brands reach their full potential. 

4) besides your looks, (laughs).. What inspired you to want to model, In a world full of Instagram models? How do you separate the two in your personal opinion. 

My inspiration came from my boredom after not landing a job after graduation from college. So I worked for Saks for a few months and was over it, so I pondered over what I could do to promote myself. Modeling came to mind, I didn’t think I would have went as far as I have but I am grateful. 
An Instagram model is the one that endorses random things, sells teas, and waist trainers no offense because get your money! Lol. A real model is the one who knows their worth in the industry whether it’s fashion, fitness, or lifestyle. They know their market and stay true to that. Modeling is like the NFL, “not for long” so also a smart model is one that capitalizes off the industry and makes a long lasting brand. 

5) how can we stay connected with you and your brand?

My life is on Instagram and you can find me at @randybowdenjr & Twitter @TheRandyB. That’s pretty much my social platform right now until my new website comes into play, which I’ll let you guys know about soon  

6) Do you plan to branch out into the acting world? 

Actually, it’s something that people have always said I should do just like people said about modeling which went pretty good for me so I’ve been strongly considering it, it may be a sign lol 

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